Full by John Owen

This is the Beloved of our souls, “holy, harmless, undefiled;” “full of grace and truth;” –full, to a sufficiency for every end of grace,– full, for practice, to be an example to men and angels as to obedience,– full, to a certainty of uninterrupted communion with God– full, to a perfect victory, in trials, over all temptations,– full, to an exact correspondency to the whole law, every righteous and holy law of God, –full to the utmost capacity of a limited, created, finite nature– full, to the greatest beauty and glory of a living temple of God,– full, to the full pleasure and delight of the soul of the Father,– full to an everlasting monument of the glory of God, in giving such inconceivable excellencies to the Son of man.

– John Owen, The Works of John Owen, vol. 2 (ed. W.H. Goold; Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1850-53/2013), 67.


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Love Christ; Love Cait; Love the local church. Avid reader of books, eater of nachos, Razorback fan.
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