“This is the glory of the Christian Religion” by John Owen

“In Isaiah (ch. 6) there is a representation made of him as on a throne, filling the temple with the train of his glory. The Son of God it was who was so represented, and that as he was to fill the temple of his human nature with divine glory, when the fulness of Godhead dwelt in him bodily. And herein the seraphim, which administered unto him, had six wings, with two whereof they covered their faces, as not being able to behold or look into the glorious mystery of his incarnation: verses 2,3. But when the same ministering spirits, under the name of cherubim, attended the throne of God, in the administration of his providence as unto the disposal and government of the world, the had four wings only, and covered no their face, but steadily beheld the glory of it: Ezekiel 1:6, 5:2-3. This is the glory of the Christian religion.”

– John Owen, The Works of John Owen, vol. 1 (ed. W.H. Goold; Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1850-53/2013), 48.


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