Some gems from Rutherford

Banner of Truth has short little book with snippets of Samuel Rutherford’s letters. You can get it here. The book name is the “The Loveliness of Christ.” Here are some gems:

On the Christian’s joy in giving our burdens to Christ:

“It is our heaven to lay many weights and burdens upon Christ. Let him find much employment for his calling with you; for he is such a Friend as delighteth to be burdened with suits and employments; and the more homely ye be with him, the more welcome.” (22)

On our love to God now and in glory:

“Our love to Him should begin on earth, as it shall be in heaven; for the bride taketh not by a thousand degrees so much delight in her wedding-garment as doth in her bridegroom; so we, in the life to come, howbeit clothed with glory as with a robe, shall not be so affected with the glory that goeth about us, as with the Bridegroom’s joyful face and presence.”

On that note, Anne Ross Cousin wrote a hymn called the “Sands of Time of are Sinking”, which was based on this theme. Our church has a congregation recording, take a listen here (song 19) and be encouraged.

– Nick


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